A Bit About Dawni


Meet Dawni Angel-- The $11 Life Coach!

She is also a practical mystic, spiritual advisor, and passionate guide in helping people combine daily satisfaction with long-term joy and family healing. 

Dawni bases her work on Natural Law, the true spiritual principles that are consistent for all people, 100% of the time. After studying these laws (also knows at the Hermetic Principles) for 30 years, including 15 years spent teaching others how to implement them personally, Dawni has achieved an unparalleled level of insight into what allows her clients to live their dream lives. Her own life as a successful teacher, speaker, and parent is a testament to that fact. 

Dawni's favorite thing in the world is sitting down with a cup of coffee and connecting with others through deep conversation and humor. She's convinced that coffee is proof that God loves us, and is known far and wide for her obsession with the spiritual elixir! After many years of these one-on-one coffee sessions with clients she's finally offering this experience to a wider audience. 

Living a spiritually fulfilling life doesn't have to mean letting go of real world success, and addressing day-to-day issues doesn't require forgetting about the bigger picture. All these aspects can be integrated and harmonious. Dawni is living proof of this, and she's thrilled to share her knowledge with the world. She does this through online videos and coaching, speaking engagements, group trainings, and retreats all over the globe!

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